Why Choose Airbnb Security?

Housparrow Airbnb Security Systems. We integrate live 24 hour surveillance methods and protect hosts

Protect your Airbnb - Protect your Business

We offer the best solutions to maintaining a safe Airbnb unit. We will take care of it like it's ours. We use the best of tech to watch the sound levels, and the situation. If we need to be there our team is trained to assist in the most professional conduct. 

Maintain your Reviews & Guest satisfaction

When our team shows up, we will still insure that your guests are not disappointed. Shutting down a rager or a party can suck, we understand that, that's why we still maintain a high level of customer service. 

Keep your Neighbours Happy

The reason why you took us on is so that your business and Airbnb will not be of inconvenience to your neighbours or those around your house,

24/7 Patrol & Assistance

We constantly check on our installed cameras, decibel meters & sound meters,   your airbnb is always on our mind, and we will communicate with the guests. If we get no response our tech is made so that it can alert the guests. On the worst case we will send our team over to solve the situation calmly and friendly.

We use the highest type of Tech

- High Definition Security Cameras

- Sirens and Alarm Systems

- Person Counters

- Decibel Watchers

- Sound Level with Sirens 

Accept your guests with a Peace of Mind

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Don't wait for something to go wrong.

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